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Professional Cutters and Trimmers

The most time consuming element of making a display is cutting and trimming your laminated work.  Professional cutters reduce this time significantly and provide the precise, sharp look you need.

We offer both rotary cutters for trimming film and paper as well as board cutters for trimming mounted pieces.   We represent Fletcher-Terry, Rotatrim, ImageEdge and Dahle cutters.  These are all excellent cutters.  Call us for the best fit for your needs.

Pouch Board Mounting
and Laminating System

The easiest way to mount and laminate a print up to 44" wide.  Make Presentation Graphics, Poster Displays, Yard Signs, Counter or Window graphics and more. Insert your print in a pouch, process in the Phoenix and display.

Presentation Graphics
Mounted Displays

Mounted prints are easier to read and give a presentation impact.  Use our adhesive coated boards for your next meeting, tradeshow or training session.  Choose from a wide variety of boards from Letter to Mural size.

Photo Mounting

Display your prints.  Choose from Ready to hang and display edged boards, canvas wraps and Centermount boards or Peel & Stick boards for framing.

Yard & Sidewalk Signs
Quick and Easy

Make custom yard signs from your inkjet prints.  Adhere your print to corrugated plastic with our adhesive or pouch boards.  Attach a Step Stake and your sign is complete.

Pouch Laminating
Protect & Display

Our Specialty pouches and pouch boards let you mount prints for framing, make sturdy signs and table-top displays.  And our new Sign Pouches make counter mats, floor and window graphics with your pouch laminator too. 

Peel and Stick Boards

Convert prints into eye catching displays.  Professional mat boards with adhesive in the center.  Use for photos, color prints and more.  Use with ready-made frames or alone with stick-on easel backs.


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Foam Boards

We stock a wide range of types and sizes of mounting boards for quick shipping.  Sizes up to 32"x40" are double-boxed to ship via UPS. Key Products include:

Foam Boards
Adhesive Boards
Gator Boards
Photo Boards
Sintra and Plastics

Pouch Boards

Adhesive coated boards with a laminate film attached at one end. Pouch Boards mount and laminate a print in one step with consistent professional results. Key Products include:

Heat Pouch Boards
Cold Pouch Boards
Thin Pouch Boards
Gator Pouch Boards
MountCor Pouch Boards

Adhesives and Films

Mounting adhesives are double-sided to adhere prints to boards.  Laminate films enhance the prints appearance with a gloss, matte or textured finish.  Key Products include:

Cold Adhesive Sheets
Cold Mount Adhesive Rolls
Cold Over-laminate Films
Hot/Thermal Laminate Films
Dry Mounting Adhesives



We ship via UPS, Fedex and Truck Freight.  Charges, if applicable, are added to your invoice however we can also ship using your shipping accounts if you prefer.  Charges shown are for standard delivery.  Extra services including expedited services are available at additional charge.

Payment Methods

Credit Cards

Credit Cards We accept major credit cards & Paypal.  For Government Purchasers, our CAGE Code is 3BT60 and our DUNS number is 004675869.

Fletcher-Terry, Rotatrim, Logan and Dahle Cutters           

Foam Board
 Trimmers and Cutters

Straight, Circle, and Freestyle Cutters

Cutters to unleash your creative designs

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Board Cutters

Compact Table-top and Wall Mounted Cutters

Sizes from 40" to 120" long cutters

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 Trimmers and Cutters

Straight, Circle, and Freestyle Cutters

Cutters to unleash your creative designs

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Wall Mounted
Board Cutters

Sizes from 60" to 65"


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Work Table
Mounted Cutters

Sizes from 40" to 120"


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Compact Table-top
Board Cutters

Sizes from 40" to 120"

Fletcher-Terry and SircleTrim

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Dahle Rolling
Precision Trimmers

Professional and Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmers

Sizes from 14" to 51"

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Hole Cutting Grommet
Machines and Supplies

Sizes from 3/16" to 1/2" opening

Brass/Nickle Grommets

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Image Edge and
Flecther Cutting Rails

Sizes from 40" to 200"

Portable Precise Cutters for Banners and Boards

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Self Healing
Cutting Mats

Vinyl Muliply

Choose from 9"x12" to 60"x120" sizes

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Knives and Blades

Knives and Replacement Blades

For Trimming and Specialty Needs

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Straight Edges

Non-skid base on Hardened Steel Rule

Sizes from 28" to 100"

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High Quality Cutters and Trimmers save time and money.  If you have any questions on any display or products, please call us toll-free at 800.443.4421. 

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